To support the application of scientific discoveries to the challenges of treating cancer patients, the Cancer Research UK Oxford Centre (http://www.cancercentre.ox.ac.uk/) with both the Institut Paoli-Calmettes (http://www.institutpaolicalmettes.fr/en/research/) and the Cancer Research Center of Marseille (http://crcm.marseille.inserm.fr/en/) have decided to enter a partnership, called the Marseille-Oxford Cancer Centre Collaboration (MOC3). This partnership includes annual meetings between the two parties and the development of collaborative research projects. In particular, the objectives of the two cancer centres are well aligned, with numerous potential joint opportunities across our basic and clinical activities, numerous strengths across basic cancer biology and strong interest in early phase clinical trials in solid and liquid malignancy. The aim of this collaboration is to benefit from the complementary state-of the-art expertise and infrastructures of the two sites to tackle major clinical challenges faced by those treating cancer patients, make the most of opportunities for collaboration to support initiating new projects and of the available clinical and experimental infrastructures, samples and data. A long-term objective is to form a strategic alliance between the two cancer centres, potentially obtaining joint funding and running training programmes together.

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