The MOCCC Symposium is aimed at facilitating new research links between groups in the Oxford and Marseille Cancer Centres, which have closely aligned interests from basic research through to clinical activities. This first edition will bring together close to 100 scientists representing the DNA Damage Response research community of the two centres including students, clinicians, post-docs and group leaders. A series of talks, posters sessions and workshop/breakout sessions will help establish new research links between the two centres. 


8h30 Arrival - Coffee
8h55 0pening words

9h00 J-P Borg
Introducing the Cancer Research Center of Marseille

9h15 M. Middleton
The Oxford Cancer Center

Session 1

9h30 Pagès Vincent
Replication of a damaged DNA in bacteria and yeast

9h50 Ahel Dragana
Roles of ZRANB3 in replication stress response

10h10 Hammond Ester
Targeting the hypoxia-induced DNA damage response

10h30 Church David
DNA polymerase mutations in cancer

11h00 Break 30'

Session 2

11h30 Cohn Martin
Mechanisms of DNA interstrand crosslink repair in humans

11h50 Tarsounas Madalena
Probing for the Achilles Heel of BRCA1- and BRCA2-mutated Tumours

12h10 Lachaud Christophe
DNA damage and blood disorder

12h30 Gaillard Pierre-Henri
SLX4: Multitasking to maintain genome stability

12h50 Lunch / Posters

Session 3

15h00 Llorente Bertrand
Meiotic DNA recombination in yeast

15h20 Esashi Fumiko
Metabolic signalling in the regulation of homologous recombination

15h40 Modesti Mauro
Transactions of the human DNA double-strand break repair machineries

16h00 Blackford Andrew
DNA damage signalling in mitosis

16h30 Break 30'

Session 4

16h50 Chapman Ross
53BP1 cooperation with the Rev7-Shieldin complex underpins DNA structure-specific NHEJ

17h10 Clynes David
The role of the chromatin remodelling factor atrx in telomere maintenance, genome stability and cancer

17h30 Géli Vincent
The p21‐mTert knock‐In mouse: an in vivo model of senescence bypass via the conditional expression of telomerase

17h50 Apéritif / Social time / Dinner


Session 5

9h00 Lakin Nicholas
The role of PARPs in DNA repair and genome stability

9h25 Morelli Xavier
Integrated strategy for targeting Protein-Protein Interactions with dedicated chemical libraries and computer-aided drug design

9h50 Charaffe Jauffrey Emmanuelle
DNA replication stress: Targeting the Achilles'heel of breast cancer Stem cells

10h15 Antony Goncalves
PARP inhibitors and breast cancer

10h45 Vey Norbert
Preliminary results of Chemogenomic analysis of AML : toward personalized medicine approaches in AML?

11h10 Break 25'

Workshop Session

11h35 Workshop discussions
12h00 Workshop outcomes
12h25 Concluding remarks

12h45 Lunch

Social Event

15h00-18h00 Social event
18h15 Coach to airport
21h00 Flight to London LHR


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